ELICIT,  /I'lisit/,  means to evoke or draw out a reaction, answer, or fact from someone. I define the term as to highlight or create awareness. Nevertheless, that is exactly what we strive to do. By discovering new ways, forms, texture and meaning, we are able to create and Elicit new

unthought-of design solutions.

Hi, I'm Anja, the heart behind the brand. At the end of 2018,

I woke up one morning with the crazy idea to resign from my job in the corporate world and start exploring the more creative side of life. And so Elicit was born.  Most of my inspiration comes from flowers. Flowers in all shapes, sizes and colours.


Elicit is known for its bold, daring and elegant wedding stationery and branding designs. We love rich colours with dramatic tones and sometimes (most of the time) go with a "more is more" approach. We have close and personal relationships with all our clients, and always go the extra mile to make sure we exceed all your expectations. Feel free to contact us for any queries or quotes, we would love to hear from you!